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Recent Works : Apples & Pot Works on Canvas : After Matisse The Guitar Series : Guitar with Shoes LIFEnearDEATH - Portraits from a Hospice : Sam Works on Paper : I'm Dancing

Deborah and David Ballati, San Francisco, California
Richard and Claire Bartlett, Glens Falls, New York
David and Gretchen Boyd, Montgomery, Alabama
Margy Boyd, San Francisco, California
Lauren Bonfield and Stephen Keyes, New York, New York
Tyrone and Delia Bujold, Plymouth, Minnesota
Michael and Sherina Cadnum, Albany, California
Naomi Cahn, Washington, D.C.
Margaret Fuller Corneille, St. Paul, Minnesota
Laurie and Laurent Dechery, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Robert and Katherine Del Tufo, Princeton, New Jersey
Kathryn Gallagher, Chicago, Illinois
Barbara and Jean Gaskill, Alameda, California
Thomas Guernsey and Kathe Klare, Carbondale, Illinois
Myra Hajny, Madison, Wisconsin
Joseph Harbaugh and Barbara Britzke, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jan Hefti, Springfield, Illinois
Marcy Kuechenmeister, Iowa City, Iowa
Sheldon Kurtz, Iowa City, Iowa
Joe and Margo Melli, Madison, Wisconsin
Tom Newton, Iowa City, Iowa
Alan Ogden and Peggy Richter, Denver, Colorado
John Reed, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Kathryn Ressel, Tallahassee, Florida
Mary Stevens Rogot and Richard Rosen, Denver, Colorado
Robert Roller, Austin, Texas
Lisa Rustemeyer, Chicago, Illinois
Cynthia Schmeiser, Iowa City, Iowa
Silver Smith, New York, New York
Hon. Kay Tsenin, San Francisco, California